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30+ Top Wolf Cut Hair Ideas For Women

The wolf cut has been making waves in the world of hairstyling, and it’s not hard to see why. With its bold layers and voluminous top, it’s become a sensation on platforms like TikTok. Women love it for its edgy and rebellious vibe, as it’s a fusion of a shag and a mullet.


Some adventurous souls are even taking matters into their own hands, attempting the DIY route by tying their hair into a ponytail and giving themselves a fearless wolf cut. But for those seeking the perfect wolf haircut, a visit to a professional stylist might be the way to go. So, whether you’re in the mood for a dramatic transformation or a more subtle change, the wolf cut could be the exciting hairstyle you’ve been craving.


What exactly is a Wolf Cut Haircut?

A wolf cut hairstyle takes the best of two popular trends and combines them into one unique, layered look. By blending elements of the mullet and shag, a wolf cut features a mix of layers and bangs that can be styled in various ways. The result? A versatile and edgy hairstyle that can flatter different face shapes and hair lengths.


How to Master the Art of Styling a Wolf Cut?

Select the right bangs for your face shape. Bangs are a key element of the wolf cut, and hairstylists experiment with various styles to create different face-framing layers. For rectangular and square faces, curtain bangs help balance out the angles, while round faces can benefit from side-swept bangs for a softer, wispy look.


Blend air-drying and blow-drying techniques. Instead of relying solely on blowouts, the messy wolf cut hairstyle thrives on a mix of air-drying and blow-drying methods. Attach a diffuser to your blow-dryer and tilt your head downward when your hair is partially dry. Use the diffuser to scrunch up sections of your hair, adding body and volume to achieve the soft, wavy look that’s characteristic of the wolf cut.


Celebrate texture. Embrace the messy side of the wolf cut. Work with your natural hair texture to achieve that tousled, shaggy appearance. If you have wavy or curly hair, enhance your natural curls and boost volume with a styling mousse. Opting for hair products designed for curly hair can also help combat frizz throughout the day.


Seal the deal with hairspray. To preserve the tousled effect, lightly spritz hairspray over your hair. Keep the spray bottle about six inches away from your head to avoid saturating the roots. This final touch ensures that your wolf cut stays fabulous throughout the day.


Chic and Versatile Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut


The wolf cut’s layered magic works wonders here, effortlessly embracing all hair types. Plus, it’s ageless, bestowing a cool and youthful vibe on women of all ages.


The Wolf Cut: A TikTok Sensation with a Nod to the 90s



The wolf haircut has taken TikTok by storm, but its roots trace back to a more subtle version from the past. In the realm of 90s hairstyles, there’s a familiar sight – heavy layers, gentle flicks, and texture. It’s a voluminous style that frames the face with a sleeker touch. While it may have been less dramatic, it’s clear that this trend had a timeless allure even before its viral TikTok moment.


Bold platinum blonde


Bold platinum blonde highlights your cut but requires damaging bleaching and toning, particularly on darker hair. It’s time-consuming, high-maintenance, and costly, despite enhancing natural texture or intricate styles like the wolf cut.


Wolf Cut with Neon Yellow Highlights



Elevate your style with neon yellow! These vibrant stripes demand attention and can be strategically placed to enhance your wolf cut, framing your face. Embrace an edgy, punk vibe that turns heads and expresses your fun side. However, be prepared for high maintenance and quick fading with neon colors.
















Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Thin-haired ladies, fear not! The wolf cut is your versatile ally, suitable for all hair types. While it’s a natural fit for thicker, textured locks, fine hair can rock it too with some tweaks. Opt for a shorter version and amp up the volume for the illusion of thicker, fuller tresses.
In a wolf cut, the magic lies in building length and volume at the crown and gently tapering it into chic, choppy layers.